Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Journal Quilts

Oops, missed two months.

Here's the September Journal Quilt


A sample from dyeing workshops.   After going through all the
stitching, tying, binding and folding techniques, I do my party
piece - The Swirl.  So quick, so easy, and always greeted in
true hippy style.  Wow!

And perfect for Fireworks Night!

So, instead of just putting in away, I thought it would be a good
subject and also a record of Summer 2013.

I am going to have to take some stitching with me to catch up.

a blank canvas

different fabrics stitched on a cotton background and dyed
a couple of 'found' textiles from Rajasthan   the whole thing 
will be covered with hand stitching, embellishments, and 
whatever else I might find along the way.

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Radka said...

Great colours, as always :-)