Tuesday, 26 November 2013


It's good to be back again.    Off the main road, up through the busy small towns you arrive at Ghanerao Palace, now a Heritage Hotel.      We stayed here last March, and the main courtyard was full of equipment for the Bollywood movie being filmed in the palace.

It was to have been three days wandering the countryside, alas my foot is still not 100% but I can enjoy the peace and tranquillity.  Our little courtyard is only one floor up, and the courtyard for dining, is one narrow staircase on the net floor.

Every evening two coach loads of tourists arrive, they change, have dinner, go to bed and disappear around 7.30 am.   They all appear to be on a mind numbing tour of Rajasthan.
Fifteen days from Delhi, covering all the major cities, and back again.  That's a lot of sight seeing and travelling.   Far to much to take in everything and enjoy the experience.

One night the Spanish groups' leader complained about everything and seemed to spend most of the evening dashing hither and thither.  Whilst the French contingent took thing at a slower place, managed to lose themselves, so we acted as guides and Keith was taken as a member of staff by a lady complaining of a dirty towel   Oh, well, we did our best!

Keith's birthday, and he is fishing.   Enjoying the process, but no fish,
Myself, I am laying on a rug enjoying the sun!

At night we go to sleep accompanied by the sound of fireworks and music.   It's the Wedding Season, and they sure know how to party.   It seems the most auspicious time for the actual ceremony is 2.00am.   Can you imagine?!!

Leaving the Palace one morning, just outside we found the groom on his horse surrounded by his family ready to start his procession.

the band

the men of the family  having a grand time

and the ladies

the groom set off on his big adventure
(looking rather worried)

the village store

the days were spent leisurely.  Keith and Samshu wandering,
whilst I found somewhere to sit in the sun with my binoculars
no complaints


Radka said...

I am enjoying your tour :-)

Tiggy Rawling said...

Hi Radka, I send warm wishes from Udaipur. Tomorrow evening we fly to Mumbai for a few days. It will be hot and steamy there. Then the big silver bird will bring us back to the UK. Brrrrr!