Sunday, 24 November 2013

a little excursion

South of Jodphur there are the villages of the Bishnoi tribe.   They look after their land and animals, and also respect the local wild life.

Each village is know for a particular skill.

The Village Potter

These big water pots are made by coiling the clay and when semi dry
they are 'tamped' to shape with a wooden mallet

pots fired and ready for sale to the local villages   too fragile for us to bring home

the potter's children

The man who makes sand animals

first a demonstration on throwing a pot   the wheel is whizzed round with 
a stick the clay placed in the centre and drawn up to a even column
then the moulding of a small pot begins   within minutes a perfect pot

following on from that a lid was made and it was a perfect fit - clever
I have seen this done many times  still amazed at the process

and yes he does make animals out of sand (clay)

As ever, there is always the need to stop for chai, an interesting experience, you never
know who might turn up.    This time the chai man and his friends were 'doctors' determined to help restore my foot back to health

after this picture was taken, a further consultation was required, meaning I had to sit on a mat and have my foot prodded.   Enough, don't touch' my toes!   A tube of cream was bought from the local chemist, which proved very good indeed.    

The Durry Weaver

all natural dyes, apparently   woven from cotton, or wool
each medium sized durry takes about a month to complete

in the compound there are kuba huts where you can stay
have supper under the stars and explore the countyside

Enough for one day, time to put my foot up and try the magic cream.

I am still on catch up time!   Blogging is interesting, as in when the publish button is pressed, everything disappears and I have to cross my fingers that the post is there.
So thank you for your comments - it's almost too exhausting to go back into Blogger to acknowledge them!

Gin and Indian Tonic time!

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aly May said...

Hey Tig - I finally figured how to receive your posts via my email AND how to leave comments! So from far away in the Land of Oz I send greetings to you and Keith! I hope your ankle is getting less sore - gin and tonic is a wonderful cure-all!! xxxx