Tuesday, 12 November 2013

so fabulous - so frustrating!

welcome to Udaipur

We arrived as the sun was rising.   All the 'boys' at Lake
Pichola Hotel greeted us with warmth, just like coming home

A lazy day, recovering from traveling, and enjoying being here.
A little stroll in the afternoon to say hello to our friends in the
old town.    Supper then bed, ready for the day.

Ha, ha!  Indian crazy  Keith bought a new sim card for his mobile.
I bought a Dongle so I can get wifi anywhere.  It only took a mind
numbing two hours, with all the noise of a political march, complete
with drums and fireworks.   Then to Mr. Bharat for new glasses.

We have a small share in an Indian 4 x 4 for long journeys  Samshu tells
us that the police have requisition this for the forthcoming elections.
He will get petrol money, but nothing else.    The police will not budge,
they will use the car, tough.  So we will use a small car and enjoy the
fact that they will be advertising Samshu's website designed by Keith
as shown on the window sticker!

 Today Keith has given up on his new sim card from Airtel.   My dongle
is not connecting.   Back to Vodaphone. New card for Keith.  Much
head scratching about my connections.  Grr......Chill, think clam thoughts.
Situation on going.   We are setting off tomorrow morning for a few days,
destination unknown, except it is in a northerly direction.   Hopefully the
dongle situation can be sorted before we leave.  Glasses are good.

So, what to do - shopping of course

nice textiles


not all are for block printing
some are to mark fabric for bhandani tie dye

time for a much needed gin and tonic   the temple bells and drums
are filling the air as the lights sparkle over Lake Pichola

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