Tuesday, 26 November 2013

on the way to Ghanerao

Leaving Jodphur we headed south towards Ghanerao.   Early in the morning the city was
amazingly quiet.   No so much traffic clogging up the roads.   Four horsemen on beautifully decorated horses galloped past.

The landscape changes from scrubby desert sand to green cultivated fields, with the Aravelli Hills appearing in the distance.     We stopped every now and then to stretch our legs, a little bird watching and taking in the views of the countryside.

fields of marigolds

Another puncture, this time caused by glass on the road.   You really do have to be a good car mechanic here, no easy call to the AA for assistance.    Samshu and Keith had the wheel off and new one on in minutes.

chai and breakfast stop

As ever in India, there is always a wonderful synchronicity.  Four miles down the road we found a puncture repair shop, and on the other side, breakfast awaited.  Stuffed paratha, 
curd/yoghurt and a cup of chai.  Delicious.

With repaired spare tyre in the boot and full tummies, we set off on the road to Ghanerao, now only two hours away.

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