Friday, 22 November 2013

view from my charpoy

We're back in Udaipur after a interesting few days upcountry.   Far away from everything, which was very nice.

We travelled up Abu Road, which cuts through the Aravelli Hills.   All is lush and green.  Only a few villages to be seen. The road is fantastic, no lumps or bumps and even the lorries seem to know which side to drive on.   Apparently it is not advisable to travel this way after dark, the tribals might get you!!!  Mind you, I wouldn't advise driving on any Indian road after dark.

So, we arrive at a small town called Silori, turn right, and eventually to the farm where we stayed for three days.   The aim to find leopards up in the hills.   Our host is a charming man, and we were introduced to his 'missus'.

Our accommodation could best be described as basic.   A cottage with two Army beds and nothing else.  Fine, we didn't plan to spend much time inside.

Into the jungle in search of leopards.   Bumpty, bump.   Into a hole.  My foot went down, then up and down again with a bang.   One tyre punctured. However, two leopards (I have so say it) spotted.  Quite a wonderful experience.

In the morning my foot was in agony.  Nothing broken, just a bad sprain.   Best remedy was to put my foot up and rest.   A bowl of hot sand was brought for 'treatment'.   I guess the equivalent of our wheaty bags.

looking out over a field of chillies and aubergines

a lady bringing home carrots, with shy goat

the porch where we had hilarious suppers ending up with magic tricks

Watching the world slowly go by was not a bad thing.    I had many 'doctors'
offering their advice, in unusual circumstances.  More of that later!


Radka said...

Well, I am thinking about you as my toes are freezing :-)

Gill said...

Sorry to hear about your foot but at least you got to see some leopards - how fantastic!!