Friday, 17 January 2014

Here we are more than half way through January.   The grey wet weather seems to have merged the days.    

Last Thursday was the first day of 'term' with my stitching friends at Walford Mill.   It was great to meet up again and catch up whilst stitching away.

the River Allen had spread itself

over fields and the walkway on the Mill side

the courtyard with tables and chairs sitting in water

a view of the bridge  the river is almost up to the arches

Fortunately the inside of the Mill is dry, which was good especially as a new
exhibition 'Tactile Textiles' opened on Saturday.   As the title suggests,
you can touch all the exhibits.

now for some colour

although the garden is sodden, the plants are very confused
this rose was in tight bud before Christmas and now it has
opened giving a lovely splash of colour

for years I have been trying to buy a copy of this book with 
no success.  On a whim, I searched Amazon.  Yes there it was.  
Ralli Quilts from Pakistan and India.   Very interesting.  
It covers the history of the people, ralli quilt making, and 
the historical motifs used.   

 and, finally

a string of elephants for a forthcoming workshop


Radka said...

I know, crazy winter....
The book looks interesting, worth the money?

Celia said...

Wow! We were at Walford on Wednesday and the water was nowhere near that high. I hope it hasn't rained as much in Dorset today as it has in Hampshire!

Radka said...

No need to answer my question, I have already ordered the book, the temptation was just too big :-))

Tiggy Rawling said...

This weather is enough to order an entire library, in fact there is another bookon the way!!

Seriously heavy showers here all day. Guess the rivers will be filling up again.