Saturday, 22 February 2014

good to be back!

On arrival in Udaipur we had chai at the airport.   It was rather special.   Our man, Samshu, who knows everyone and everything going on, took us to The Most Exotic Marigold Hotel (2) film shooting site.  So chai with the stars and crew.  Good start.   On the other hand, this time our car has been commandeered by Richard Gere.   

This was the view from our little balcony just as the sun rose

sun rise over Lake Pichola  all is quiet in Udaipur except 
for the ladies bashing their washing on the ghat in the background

Later we headed for the Crocodile Lake, high in the Aravalli hills. 
 So peaceful and quiet, then a huge crocodile splashed into the water.    

The countryside is beautiful.   Spring is arriving - leaves are sprouting and little 
flower buds emerging.  Birds are courting, putting on wonderful displays

a wayside shrine

sixteen stones

a chai break and Samshu found the game of sixteen stones
irresistible.  The old gentleman in the background gave hands
on advice much to the amusement of everyone.

the board, in shadow, marked out in chalk

 back to Udaipur and..............

a wonky shot of an elephant, yeah!

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