Sunday, 23 February 2014

an afternoon stroll

off the main tourist route where ordinary life goes on

balcony garden

construction site

man ironing - incredibly big iron. heated with hot coals

 bowls of pink pots and two ladies talking


green door

courtyard sewing area

early evening on Hanuman Ghat

Early tomorrow morning we are heading to the countryside where leopards roam.
It's a beautiful area, which I am so looking forward to exploring on foot.   Last November
my right foot had an 'explorers' injury, which sounds rather grand!  Just meant I couldn't walk on it for a week.   So with new walking shoes I shall step out and enjoy.   

Last visit we stayed at a farm, possibly in an old cow shed.   It was clean and almost comfortable, but nothing really to complain about.  The farmer and his wife wonderful hosts.  This time we have a tent to sleep in.  I am hoping it might be a 'glamping' sort of tent.   Mogul interior perhaps, you know silk rugs and drapes.  Ha, ha!  I'll report back
on our return to civlisation next week. 

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