Sunday, 9 March 2014


Arrived back late last night.   A fabulous two weeks which went by too quickly!

Apart from five days in Udaipur, we spent most of the time in the beautiful countryside of Rajasthan and Gujarat.   Far away from cities and any internet connection.   So I have a serious amount of blogging to catch up with.   

a sneak preview of The Tent, in splendid isolation on the farm

days in Bera, not seeing leopards;  catching up with friends who just happened to be in Udaipur at the same time;  a jolly day out to the block printers;  shopping, of course: a visit to the glass factory where mirrors are made; car getting stuck in mud whilst bird watching:  evening drinks with Thakore Sahab Raja and friends;   punting on a lake, full of flamingos taking off in a spectacular manner when got oh so close!   

It's a beautiful day here - blue skies and sunshine, almost like India, except for the temperature.     Bags to unpack, laundry to be done and preparation for two workshops I am taking this week.   Back to reality!   The blog will be visited for updating in quieter moments during the week.

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