Thursday, 27 March 2014

Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary

Up early and ready to go, except after our little night excursion, we found three punctures in one tyre, which only took an hour to mend!

We could see the large lake in the distance, a few more miles through winding country lanes and we were there.

breakfast time

village taxi

Down to the lake, where our 'country' boat awaited.   I was not too sure about that, but it would have been ridiculous to sit on the bank.  Luckily a slightly larger vessel appeared.  How to describe it?!!!   Well, think fibreglass structure, very low in the water, and propelled by punting.   Fortunately the waters of Nalsarover Lake are shallow.  We arranged ourselves
on plastic matting placed on the deck, and off we went.  Not quite Venice, but lovely.

the crew

fishermen unloading and sorting their catch

lunch - and they were delicious

lake temple

and so we just glided along  it was a beautiful experience
so quiet and peaceful 

there were thousands of flamingoes
these are getting restless, they have seen us!

I got a bit carried away taking photos of reflections of reeds
it was mesmerising, watching the shapes change as we passed by

reeds being gathered for cattle food

doing the laundry

Back on dry land again after a dreamy hour on the lake.

Fish for lunch, of course.   Packing to do, we leave for Mumbai tonight.

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