Monday, 10 March 2014

Bera Rajasthan

The Tent continued

on entering the tent there is a little veranda
for morning chai or evening slurps

I was not disappointed regarding a Mugal theme.
A four poster bed, very comfortable.  Out of frame
to the left a rather swanky wardrobe and in the 
corner to the right a dressing table. plus a little
table and chairs

the bathroom 
all very glamping and certainly better than the ex cowshed

outside at night all sorts of noises could be heard
best not explored and we were safely zipped in
against invaders

We arrived late afternoon.  Having taken chai we took to the hill searching for leopards.  Nothing stirred, although perhaps they already had?   So back to the farm for supper and the joy of sleeping in The Tent.

The 'boy' brought us chai at 7.30, very nice!    A quick breakfast before setting out to Lake Sena, a short distance away.    The scenery is beautiful.  People working in the fields, harvesting mustard and wheat.  

two ladies taking a break

 The lake has a background of pale pointed hills.

a not very distinct picture of flamingos!
Wildfowl abounded.   It was just so peaceful
being there

the photographer, he looks happy, no?
Keith is having a grand time with his new
lens (so much more powerful than mine)
His photos of this trip will be up on his
website,   over the coming days

whilst we were enjoying the scenery no one noticed that
the car had sunk into the not quite dry ground - this was
covered in water last November, the lake is drying out
and will become large again after the monsoon

we tried digging out some of the mud under the tyre,
adding dried grass, twigs and stones on the tracks, all
to no avail

'someone' had another go, which made matters worse
so a tractor was summoned to pull us out

Even more time to relax under the Indian sun and enjoy the surroundings!

All's well that ends well
The evening was spent around the camp fire.  Drinks and
nibbles all round, not to mention fun and games.
Swop the head gear.   Our host, on the left is holding his
beret, and wearing the 'boys' turban,  not sure who's turban
Keith is wearing!   Meanwhile, in the background the 'boy'
is enjoying the game.    Such a nice man, always smiling
and so helpful.   Without his turban he looks so different.
With it, he is majestically tall.

And so to bed.

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