Thursday, 13 March 2014

Lake Sena

Another visit to Lake Sena, this time via the farmers fields.   A cloud of dust revealed a vast movement of cattle with their colourful herders.

the cattle

the sheep 

a shepherd

a family riding in  bullock cart

and moi relaxing amidst the beautiful scenery

back to The Tent and lunch, before setting off to the Royal Castle Hotel Ghanerao to break 
our journey to Udaipur.

We have stayed there many times, yet another 'home' in Rajasthan.   No other guests this time, so we have the whole place to ourselves.   If you look at the website, one of the rooms we have stayed in is No. 5.   Fabulous textiles!   The staff, now friends -  they are very welcoming and helpful.

we spent the day enjoying the countryside  bird watching, with the hawkeyed samshu!
and glimpsing through a dried wood hedge, a field of marigolds being picked for market

So, on the road again, passing the rag rug man as we leave Ghanerao

Note.  I have nabbed a few of Keith photos, with his permission of course!   Credit, where credit is due, they are marked with ©kr.     He can see over fences and hedges.  I am a "spotter' for possible sneeky pix, see the sadhu in the next post or two.

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