Thursday, 27 March 2014

so, where am I now?

Or rather, what have I been doing over the last three weeks?

It's been hectic.    Two workshops at the beginning of the month.   Shed loads of paperwork and admin to deal with.    Prep for my summer workshops, and gathering all the bits and pieces for the two workshops I am taking at the Quilters' Guild AGM in two weeks time.

basket of bags - part of the student's pack
and I cannot possibly say what is inside!

a surprise package from the postman

a package from Australia

way back in November I was asked to submit
an article on shisha for the World of Quilts - India.
which is included  with the Down Under Quilts magazine
 thank you!

Not a lot of stitching going on, one or two pieces sort of on the go when I have a spare minute or two!   The dye pots are busy dyeing yarn, cotton and felt.   It's heads down for
the next week, and then I will resurface and serious get stitching again.

lastly, I just have to post this

I love travelling on Indian Rail.   Overnight trips are great - interesting fellow passengers, or not.   In the morning you are woken to cries of chai, chai, or coffee, coffee.   The country side whizzes by.  If you are getting off at the end of the line no problem, if not, keep your eyes peeled lest you miss your station.

This time we travelled to Mumbai from Ahmedabad, no stopping train for us, but the Duronto Express.   We left just before midnight and arrived at our destination by 6.00am
The coach attendant handed out the Laundry Bag to passengers.  Crisply ironed sheets and pillow case (or 'face towel')  together with a bottle of mineral water.  Bed made up with a cosy blanket on top made for a perfect night's sleep.

Thank you for following my Indian adventures.   Some might have found them tedious!   Since we now seem to find ourselves out in the wilds far away from Internet access, and it takes some time when I get home to sort out the blog, I am thinking I might just set up another blog  just for my travels.


Radka said...

Anything, but tedious :-)
For some us who probably never get to India, it is nice to see India through your eyes, not a travel brochure.
Oh, and well done on mag, my issue is on the way :-))I have never seen Down Under Quilts, just one of their older copies on-line, looks interesting.

Tart said...

...and I love reading about your adventures! My two trips to Gujarat are already too long ago and so I delight in the flavours and images you conjure for us!

Tiggy Rawling said...

Thank you both for the lovely comments. I was just thinking that a whole slab of posts on my travels might not be to everyones taste! It is my diary of travels and what I get up to in between. Maybe there will be a travel blog in the Autumn, or not!