Thursday, 13 March 2014

retail therapy

Back at Lake Pichola Hotel, early morning the fisherman are busy


Breakfast done - vegetable cutlets, stuffed pakora and curd, yum, we are all set up for a little shopping. 

Samshu arrives in his tuk tuk and we are off.   Whilst Keith and Samshu arrange train tickets from Ahmedabad to Mumbai, I popped into the Majestic Emporium, great name!
This is a very overdue visit.   I've known the owner for years, and since he has had this shop
I have been invited to step inside.  Well, you know how it is.    Arriving, leaving, meeting people, no time.    So, I made time, and purchased this rather fine wrap.

a beautifully soft silk with an outrageous patterned piece
on the other side.   Rows and rows of running stitch, it drapes
nicely and is a delight to wear.  Made by ladies from Pakistan.

a small tin trunk - I simply cannot come home without
some kind of metal item.    I am working up to a 
really large trunk one day.  However, this little one
was a perfect container for something special.

Keith and Samshu went gentleman shopping, so I relaxed
in the tuk tuk and watched the world go by.

I love this window, and with a little adjustment, I managed
to get rid of most of the electric wires all over the wall.
They looked like massed spiders' nests.

Just down the lane is the vegetable market - this lady asked me to take a 
photo of her and her baby.  I will give her a copy when I return in the Autumn.

Meanwhile, I spied this magnificent Sadhu.  He was not a small man!


My man bought me a plain silver chain and another silver bracelet,
this one has camels on it.   Those who know me will not be surprised,
though I am thinking I need a longer arm!

Oh look, more wood blocks!  
who could resist?
and Ileyas made a gift of my very own block

we had lunch in between shopping with Samshu's family
and finished up watching the sun set over Lake Pichola

nice day

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Radka said...

A blink of an eyelid, and you have gone and come back! Where has the time gone? I haven't had time to read your blog, will have to go back and catch up :-)Love the tent with the loo, but wondering what happened to your feet in the picture with with all those wooden blocks? LOL, or should I not find it funny?