Thursday, 27 March 2014

The Little Rann

North of Dhrangadhra lies a land of salt farms, heat mirages, flamingos and other migrating birds, plus the Khur or Asiatic wild ass.    I visited here with my sister Aly in 2009, can it be that long ago!    (see blog post 16.02.09)

I had to take Keith to see the Asiatic wild ass, and whatever else that might be there.  

a boat

which is a strange thing to see in the middle of no where
there are loads of grass covered islands, know as bets, which, during the
monsoon season really do become islands again    when the waters rise
fishermen take boats out and go fishing for shrimps

So that was just a taster.  Next visit we must go stay in the Koba huts again!

Well, all that salty air means a chai stop on the way home

local village warrior stones

In the evening Mr. Singh took us out on a night safari.   I thought it was around the grounds, but it turned out to be his farm, not so far away.  So off we set, with torches, stumbling through the undergrowth, lots of scuffles and strange noises!  We were looking for night jars or hares.  Think they might have gone to bed.  Then there was great excitement,
two porcupines, never seen here before.   Very ghostly looking.  A frog and a nilgli (also know as a Blue Bull) made an appearance as we walked through a field of fodder, which smelt sweet and delicious.  

A stroll around the gardens of OBGH, we could hear a Little Spotted Owl.  
But, enough, time for bed.   We are going on a boat trip tomorrow.

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