Thursday, 27 March 2014

putting my feet up!

Keith and Samshu set off at 6.00 on their journey to Velavadar National Park, home of the Black Buck, and so much more.   It's beautiful, but I have been there before.   A lazy day for me instead I think.

I sorted my photographs, caught up with my Journal, read my book (The Strangler Vine by 
M.J.Carter, based on the East India Company and The Thugees mid 19c) sitting with my feet up on the balcony looking out on the jungley garden.

Watched a whirlwind/ tornado travelling at great speed across farmland.   Fascinating - either dark or light depending on what it picked up.   There were many whirly things flying in the air.

An invitation for evening drinks with Thakore Sahab Rajah P.S. Jhada of Sayla, best kurta I think.   He is such a lovely gentleman and host.   Indeed, it was a great honour to be invited.

the Durbar Hall

the royal throne

our host and his son, owner of The Old Bell Guest House

It was a wonderful evening.  Tales told, songs sung, all in great company   One of the delights of our travels.  We have a vague plan to start with, but then amazing things happen which could not be imagined, and not knowing where you are going or who you will meet along the way!    The Durbar Hall is full of interest.  In the past it must have magnificent, and you can just close your eyes and imagine the gatherings held here.    

the company

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