Tuesday, 8 April 2014

all boxes ticked

Thirty five kits to go for two workshops at the end of the week.    Paperwork gathered.   All ready to go.   Who knew it would take so long?!!

After this weekend, I am looking forward to having time to 'play'.    Summer workshops start at the end of the month, they are always fun.   The garden is in need of attention!   Plants are growing like mad with the 'April showers'.   Lots of ideas scribbled down in my notebook, it will be good to revisit and put thoughts into action.

but look

today I did some stitching and it felt good!

a patchwork bag to hold a iPad 
the photo was taken outside in the sunshine
which was a bit of a bonus


Debbie said...

Lovely piece, love your use of colour.

Anonymous said...

Your iPad cover is stunning!I love it. The fabric looks like it would be so soft.

Radka said...

That's lovely!
I still like my bag I made at your workshop :-)