Tuesday, 15 April 2014

busy days

The workshops went well.   Fabulous students, who worked very hard!     No photos, far too  busy 'doing'.

Workshop 1 - Indian Applique

folded square for a warm up

Workshop No. 2 Indian Mirror work

the basic stitch, then we went on to
explore different methods of attaching
mirrors, including thick machine cut mirrors

Well done to all my lovely students!

on Saturday morning I woke up early and witnessed the
most incredible sunrise, it was raspberry coloured
by the time I found my camera the colour had faded
a little, much not that much

isn't that amazing?
the old saying 'red sky in the morning shepherds warning
a sure sign of rain, but not that day

Back home again on Saturday evening and a quick meal before setting of for London.   Will was running in the Marathon and we were taking Ben up to watch some of it, then ending up in The Mall for the finish.

the view from Hungerford Bridge across to Waterloo Bridge
(you wait for ages for one bus, then loads suddenly appear)

we walked to Trafalgar Square and had a picnic    Ben had a good run around
and loved the fountains, but not having his photo taken

I loved the blue cockerel on the fourth plinth
the blob of blue on the right
my camera battery died
I'll just have to return

and so to The Mall

Daddy did it!  

Home again, and relax, that is after putting all my workshop stuff away.
Ignoring all else, the sun is shining and I am now going to visit the green gym.

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Radka said...

Well done, daddy!
Aren't we having fab weather?
Hope it lasts a little longer.