Tuesday, 5 August 2014

annual outing

Summer Blast at Walford Mill ( walfordmillcrafts.co.uk).  A fabulous range of workshops for children, and I get to take the dyeing workshop.

first I upgraded some patterns

bulls eye

                                                               accordion pleats


it was chaotic and colourful fun 

In the morning there were nine eager students.  T-shirts and squares of fabric were bound, tied and pleated ready to be dyed using  dozens of elastic bands and handfuls of chickpeas

The afternoon I set up a small indigo vat.   A different pace to this workshop.     Eight students this time who spent an hour preparing their t shirts and fabric.   Then the magic of the indigo vat was revelled.    The enthusiasm was amazing.   I explained how to use the vat.    They listened, and then just splashed away!  Rivulets of indigo, bubbles in the vat.
There was also lots of smiles and laughter plus a very impressive line of blue cloth.

A little bit of the washing line.   The t-shirts have been bound using large stones gathered from round and about.    I can tell you that the shapes emerged were wonderful    The now blue stones were returned from whence they came.

Sadly no other pics - too involved in dipping and dyeing.    I have to thank Jazz my very able assistant, and the children who were marvellous.   Maybe some of they are wearing their master pieces today!

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