Monday, 11 August 2014

summer tie dye

Two workshops this month as part of Arts Week organised for the school holidays.     Last year I was overwhelmed with eager little dyers.     Forty t-shirts (in one day - but I did have a helper, thank goodness).     

First one is tomorrow.   I am gathering all I need today.    Loads of t-shirts in different sizes, old shirts and rubber gloves to ward off spilt dye - plus advice on putting feet firmly under the table.   Well, we don't want dye on posh trainers do we?!!!

a few essential ingredients

chickpeas, rubber bands and sponge brushes

pots of dye ready to go

I've been taking children's workshops for years.   Over time the workshops been refined - hints and tips to myself!    The children have no fear of colour, love splashing painting on the dye, and, if time permits there are always squares of cloth to make flags. 

however, there is something new to consider

the loom band monster!

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Judy said...

very cute! LOL