Saturday, 18 October 2014

Bera and Ghanero

We spent a couple of nights 'glamping' on the farm.   A warm welcome especially as on our last visit in Feb/Mar we had the little accident.    The tent already had residents.   A gecko was living under the rim of the loo, however, after a couple of flushes it decided that this was probably not the des res he thought it was.

this is the other occupant in the bathroom

a beautiful cricket about the size of my little finger - mint green and chocolate

On to the gorgeous Lake Sena for an evening stroll/drive.   Change of seasons, this time plenty of water, different crops - corn, cucumbers, marrows and mustard seedlings. Cliff swallows picking up lumps of mud to carry on their beaks to the nest building site.

Oops! we take the wrong track, shall we say off road?

deja vue - last time it was mud
with the help of a boy and two farmers and a passer by
the car gained firm ground

the cows being taken home for the night

Early next day another trip to Lake Sena by a different route, watching birds and keeping an eye open for leopards.    Lunch at the farm.  Rest in the afternoon before setting out leopard sighting again.    A new road, as they say around here.   Through small villages, farms and jungle.   Our guide could see a leopard relaxing on a rock.    It was beautiful.   We sat and watched for ages.    Eventually he strolled up the mountains side to be joined by his mate.

Time to move on from Bera to Ghanerao, about a three hour trip, which can take forever, with various stops.    Chai, the green pigeon tree, camels, buildings, temples all catch the eye.    We reach Granerao early evening, so relax have supper and so to bed.

the flower market

stopping for chai and a snack
katuri(?) pastry enclosing chili and dhal

two farmers enjoying an early morning chillum
of so called strong tobacco whilst the cook looks on

one happy man

We had a couple days in Udaipur to catch up, get the laundry done and try the Internet connection.   Now to publish.  Fingers crossed!  Off again tomorrow, destination Bundi.   


Sujata Shah said...

I wish I was experiencing all this too.. along with you! Have a wonderful time.. Traveling is always adventurous and memorable in India. Wouldn't have it any other way!

Radka said...

Wow, it is letting me to leave a comment! Blogger has been very unpredictable lastly.
As always, I am enjoying your trip :-)
Take care,