Friday, 24 October 2014

villages Part 2

MINDOLI - a hive of activity

lots of painting going on

no brushes required

this chap had the same idea!

lavender this time, applied with a brush

and any repairs to walls need a mixture of buffalo 
poo, chopped straw and water


a little shrine with rangoli decoration

grandma showing her grandchildren the
art of painting rangoli - she left them to
finish it off, just standing back giving
the odd word of advice

looking through to a courtyard

so our two days in Bundi came to an end. 
back to Udaipur for Diwali, sorting out a few odds and ends
laundry is a must

we rescued a tortoise run over by a car
he must have a very hard shell and seemed to be fine

one of several chai stops on the way to Udaipur

and relax before our next adventure


Radka said...

I love the blue interior :-)

Judy said...

Hi Tiggy!
I'm enjoying your trip! Your photos are fantastic and I love your commentary!
I've grown to love chai myself - wish I could experience the real thing!