Sunday, 18 January 2015

little steps

Unbelievable, two weeks of moping around not feeling like doing anything!   I should have dragged myself out to get a bit of fresh air and exercise, but quite frankly outside was cold, wet and miserable.

Pleased to report a little textile therapy this week, in the form of dyeing up some threads since my basket was empty.

I made lots of spools

hanks of yarn ready for dyeing

both pretty mindless tasks that let my wander in a creative way - yeah!

and then


one lovely bundle of threads with more on the way

this was very good medicine

perhaps tomorrow I can deal with neglected paperwork and e mails
slowly, slowly, but it's good to be back


Radka said...

Gorgeous colours!
Take it easy, be nice to yourself :-)

Gill said...

Gorgeous colours!