Monday, 2 February 2015

Remembering January and glad to be in February!    

I missed my 'Blog Birthday'.    10 January 2008 was the date of my first post.
I was off to Bhuj to attend a Kala Raksha mela, which was amazing.
So seven years have gone by.   It's been lovely revisiting my visual diary.

so after a less than exciting January we are off to Bhuj, Kutch tomorrow
from Bhuj there will be a long nine hour train journey to Palanpur through 
the middle of Gujarat.      Last time we did that trip there were some
very interesting and colourful passengers!    Onward through Rajasthan,
ending up in Udaipur and then home.

My  Summer Workshops programme has been sent out.    There were a few
e mails returned as undeliverable - perhaps a change of e mail address?
If your name was on my contact list and haven't received a copy,  or, if you would 
details,  contact me

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