Friday, 20 February 2015


We've been far away from any connection with the outside world for over two weeks, no Internet, papers or television.  It was quite refreshing.

The journey started in Bhuj, Kutch, staying out of town in a Safari Camp, waking up in the morning to bird song.   A trip into town to see our friend Mr. Jethi, who knows everything you need to know about the area.   After chai and a chat a jeep was arranged for the next day.

On our to do list was to arrange tickets for our onward train journey to Palanpur.  So, the form has to be filled in, you queue for your tickets.   With one person in front of you the ticket office is closed for lunch.  Ah, India, it's good to be back! 

an afternoon trip out to the village of Nirona 

the village bell maker


and watching

Rogan work

quite an amazing process   originally from Persia  oil is made from the castor oil 
plant and mineral dye added  this forms a really gloppy mixture, picked up with a 'stylus'
and drawn pulled onto fabric rather like icing sugar  when the design is complete the
 cloth is folded to produce a mirror image

all very clever and fascinating although I have to say the end result of the design
feels rather like rubber!   So many pieces to look at and admire the craftsmanship

the lac man and dolls

I could watch this process for ever   the turning of the wood for
a spoon or perhaps a roti roller and then the application of the colour
from sticks of lac    again this is sort of like cake decoration
the colours are pulled through each other to produce the pattern

the dolls

I have quite a collection of these scary dolls, and every time I have visited
the village I end up buying more  - apparently they are made by the children
and in small village communities  every rupee helps

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