Monday, 2 March 2015

Four relaxing days at Sena

Our favourite place just 'to be'. 

the lovely Aravelli Hills, beautiful lakes full of winter migrating birds,
and in the hills leopards

we were invited to stay with a farming family in the village nestling alongside the hills the pace of life was slow  the sun rose at 7.30  temple bells sounded  the cows were fed and children with huge satchels made their way to school    

our room was on the roof  one window looked out to the hills 
an early morning photo as the monkeys descended looking for breakfast

Udai the head warden of the Forestry Commission, Keith and Samshu set off at 'leopard o' clock, otherwise known as 6am, to check the leopard population.   I enjoyed lazy early mornings and chose to spend my time reading, stitching, catching up with my journal and enjoying my early morning chai

A little domestic duty called   we had been tramping through deserts and scrub  our clothes were dusty and with no chance of getting laundry done for a few more days   fortunately there was a bar of Rin soap in the bathroom, marvellous for washing   rub scrub the water looks like mud   rinse and on the line   within in an hour clothes ready for wearing again
suffice to say I brought a bar home with me and already I have found it removes turmeric from tablecloths!     

making butter and straining off butter milk while the temperature is cool

young calves having breakfast   we met them last November when they
were only three days old

the mornings were spent around the lakes, driving and walking in the jungle
a little rest in the afternoon when it was very hot   and in the evening checking out
the leopard family who having had their rest were getting ready to find dinner

all the children seemed to join us   I brushed up on my numbers in Hindi
no paper about so one boy picked up a stick to write on his dusty arm 
the car registration plate was a good exercise to practise numbers 
and letters in English!

here come the camels

so our delightful stay in Sena came to an end   the family were lovely and very welcoming   the food simple but  delicious  home cooking at it's best   we were sorry to leave but we will return

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