Tuesday, 3 March 2015

mainly chai

a necessary part of every day life whether travelling or not

a stopover on the Abu Road
Granny feeding a Star Tortoise a delight in itself   in the wild they are a threatened species

first cup of the day at Bera - note the clay pots

we spent the morning driving through the jungle (not as imagined in Walt Disney's Jungle Book!)    The land is dry scrub    where there is water the fields and planted   right now the wheat sown in October is green and slowly turning golden yellow   the mustard crop has been cut and left drying in the sun   within a few days the seeds will be gathered

fields of fennel  such a good smell

the chai shop at Sena  nice brew

chai shop at the end of our little ramblings with all you need to make a good cuppa
strainers, tongs, tea, fresh ginger, cardamons, milk (buffalo for preference) and sugar
fresh chai is made as you wait   spices crushed and added to the pot with the other ingredients   the wheel on the right is turned to bring up the heat in the clay oven
when ready the chai is served fresh and hot in the little clay pots   

next door the village men were gathering for a meeting  lots of paper work in evidence

the ladies meanwhile seem to be having a girls day out


originally chai was served in these little clay pots, made by local potters   used thorough out the land at chai stalls and most importantly Indian Railways  very hygienic  no need for washing up instead they are thrown away, perfect recycling   

around twenty years or so ago they were replaced by small plastic cups which were chucked out on railway lines and streets  you may imagine the results   with the awareness of the damage of plastic waste plastic bags are now banned being replaced by cloth or paper bags   occassionaly small purchases are beautifully wrapped in newspaper and tied with string    small paper cups are now used at chai shops  or a small teacup and saucer   tea to be drunk out of the saucer of course   best not to think of the washing up water


ten years back a potters family in Kutch were still producing pots for the railways



these are such beautiful objects  each bearing the potters hand

I like to think that all over rural India it is still possible to enjoy chai served in a clay pot
research required!

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Chai cups - very interesting.