Wednesday, 21 October 2015

about time I hear you say

What have I been doing - not blogging obviously.

My room is transformed from a mess to an oasis of calm.    No piles of things to do, 
or boxes containing 'stuff'   All is pared down to essentials.  It's a good place to be.

It calmed me down.  I took the slow road through August, no rush.
Reading, gardening, relaxing by the sea and a little stitching

summer flowers

there was an indigo workshop 
hot and humid, just perfect 

the vat at the end of the day

it was still going strong 

In September, the String of Elephants workshop and some birds too.

that was fun

Little kantha bags with the lovely ladies, and young
embroiderers of Frome Embroiderers' Guild

followed by Canford Needlework Festival
a fabulous day meeting old friends and new
(had to jump of the slow road that weekend)

on my birthday we discussed perhaps a week on a Greek Island or
a few days in Normandy, instead we went on a day trip to the 
Isle of Wight to visit Osborne House.  

We found the paintings of Rudolf Swoboda who, in1886 was
commissioned by the Queen to paint a series of portraits illustrating 
the nationalities of India.  They are stunning, painted on wood
panels measuring 30x20 cm.    In 2002 the National Gallery, London
exhibited the portraits, the only time they have left Osborne House.
I found a copy of the catalogue (An Indian Encounter) on Amazon,
 and so did Keith. 

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Radka said...

It sounds like you had a good summer and I am envious of your discipline re your room; may be I will achieve it one day!
I love the colours of your bag, lovely embroidery.
I still like my bag we did in your workshop - how long ago? :-)