Saturday, 31 October 2015

'tis the season

A beautiful warm blue sky day so we are in and out of the 
garden, putting it to bed, so to speak.

the beech tree is tall and beautiful

not entirely sure what this little shrub is called
it's been in the garden for ages and this year
it is very red, which is just what it said on the 
now lost label

food for the birds
the holly trees are also loaded with berries
sign of a bad winter?  hope not

I had a mad idea yesterday - I joined Instagram.   Hours were spent trying to paste
the 'button' on my blog.  I gave up.   Today, as if by magic, there it is.     

Only a 'testing' photo right now, however, we are off to India at the end of
the week and I thought Instagram might be a fun way to record our trip.
Blogging on the go just takes up too much time, that is if you can get
a good connection to start with!

1 comment:

Radka said...

I could not manage Instagram as well as the blog, but in your case it makes sense, with so much travelling.