Thursday, 29 May 2008

Oh, to be in England............... that Spring is here.   The countryside is lush green, and very,very wet.  Yesterday torrential rain - and where was I?    In a tent, of course, by the duck pond in the childrens' farm play area at Stewarts Garden Centre.     Towards the end of the day the duck pond began to invade the tent.  Should have worn wellington boots!

Dyeing station

View from the tent

The ducks loved it

I had visitors to dye t shirts, in between times the farm cat kept me company.   She was not too keen on the rain, but simply loved the fact that she had a padded seat in a tent for goodness sake.

Thelma was not impressed.


Stitchety Grub said...

Hi Tiggy
Thanks for emailing me .... I had to come for a visit and am glad as you now have Australia on your Neo Counter haha!
Love the pic of "Thelma" the sheep! I can't remember if I mentioned before but I was a Dorset gal from age 2 - 23 (when we emigrated)I am back in UK next year in August maybe we could get to meet? It's our 1st day of Winter this Sunday... and we are having rain too!
Britt :D

Tiggy Rawling said...

Welcome Australia! And I thought nobody was looking!

Dorset is still beautiful. It would be good to meet if you are down this way in 2009.


jude said...

thelma is something else! great shot.