Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Out of the blue

Another week of multi-tasking.  A day off on Friday to take in some venues during Dorset Arts Week - Treasures from the Silk Road especially yummy.  Textiles from Central Asia and India.  I know, not exactly Dorset, but touchstones. Hmm... I feel another trip coming on.  Then there was Caroline Ellis, weaver.  Woven indigo shibori scarves, quite beautiful, and hangings with beads and shells

Saturday a beautiful day - catch up on housework, washing etc.   All very necessary by now.   Afternoon birthday tea for No. 1 son Nic and his friend Perrine, birthday on the same day.  Chocolate cake on the balcony enjoying the warmth of the sun.

Sunday, a day at home on my own, or so I thought.    Dyed up more threads, made up indigo vat.  Time for lunch while vat was brewing, then a phone call - oops I should be demonstrating at Stewarts.    Got my kit together and entertained those interested in the joys of shibori.   

Back home rescued vat from greenhouse and managed to dye the prepared pieces before supper.

The Contemporary Quilt Group journal project looms large, must keep up!    Here is the start of the journal quilt for
May.   Since this is the beginning of the indigo season, I present my stitched resist elephant.   I'll post the finished quilt eventually, although I since I intend to quilt kantha style it might be a while.

Show time.   I am entering my Wholecloth '07 quilt into the National Quilt Championships.  

As the title suggests, it is a whole cloth quilt - deconstructed screen printing.  
Difficult to photograph!   It is rather bright!  Size 17"x34"

A detail of the stitching.

This year I am breaking out, what with the blog and taking part in a Quilt Show!   My little treasure will be posted this afternoon, and we will see what happens.

Dye a Sarong for Summmer(?!!) workshop on Friday, demonstrating on Saturday and Sunday.   I can see a little light and perhaps a chance to take some time out.    What about this for a venue - posh frocks and tiaras I think.

Finally - hello world, and thank you for visiting!   In truth, the neo counter is a bit of vanity, but it has been fascinating see where my blog is being read.  


jude said...

great elephant, and stitching! all my stuff takes a long time, so i understand, but who cares....

Tiggy Rawling said...

Thanks for your comment Jude. Just love stitching - meditation time. Elephant coming along nicely.


Anonymous said...

I’ve seen Nic and Perrine out and about together, she’s definitely more than a ’friend’!!!

Will x

Tiggy Rawling said...

what to say!

Annica said...

You quilt is beautiful! Love the colours and the stitching! Keeping my fingers crossed.

Tiggy Rawling said...

Thanks Annica