Friday, 27 June 2008

Naxos - Part 1

That feels better - nothing quite like a few days in Greece to restore the spirit.   Flying into Athens, taking the bus to the port of Piraeus, then catching the ferry to Naxos.  Five hours to begin to wind down, taking in islands and the turquoise sea.

Laptop didn't make an appearance.  Indigo elephant came along for the ride, but not a stitch stitched.  I guess I really needed a break.

The port of Naxos, a wedding cake of small white houses with a Venetian castle on top.

A shady spot for lunch, with the beach in the background

The way to the beach

Another dining opportunity in the old town

The end of a lazy day

That just about sums up our entire five days!   The sky was blue, the weather perfect and the food fabulous.   Next trip - India in the autumn, unless we escape to Greece again.   We are missing the blue sky already.   Here it is about 17c, blowing a gale and the skies are definitely grey.  Just another British summer!

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