Friday, 27 June 2008

Naxos - Part 2

Dried onions, aubergines (eggplants) and peppers

I just had to make several visits to my favorite shop, almost in the whole world!  The whole food store of Naxos.  Full of tubs of olives, bowls of feta, jars of olive oil, dried herbs, honey, jams, wine etc. etc.

Interior of the storeroom - in the background the entrance leads to the cheese store. 

A painted panel on one of the doors

The bottle shop - island wine to go

Local sponges and dried gourds

Local pottery casseroles and jars of dried herbs

We did not leave empty handed!   Local cheese and olives consumed for lunch.   Herbs, a few pots, honey, olive oil and olive oil soap brought home.   The shop is an Aladdins Cave. As part of their 'display' were packs of very ancient silk thread(!) and I remember on my first visit I noticed an old quilt tucked away in a corner - no longer there, I wonder what happened to it.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, how delightful! I'd love to browse around here. I enjoyed your photos below. Thanks for stopping by my blog.