Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Sorting out loose ends

Remember this bundle of green?   Posted in June, the result of a workshop, ready to be washed and ironed.    All done, and put away before we escaped to Greece for a few days of sun.

Yesterday was spent transforming the fabric into bunting - 16 metres in all.   I tried to take a photo outside.  It's blowing a gale and threatening rain - so not a good idea!

My year seems to fall into a natural pattern, rather like school terms!  Early Autumn - workshops, dyeing velvet scarves.   Trip to India.   Winter - research and development, doesn't that sound grand!   This year I escaped the cold dark days in January with another trip to India.   Might have to consider this option again.  I felt quite energized on my return.  Spring/Summer - workshops, indigo dyeing, stitching in the sun, and eventually catching up with my least favorite occupation, paperwork.

That's the usual pattern, although this year I seem to be taking more workshops in the late Autumn - and research starts early for an Exhibition in January 2009.   

Tickets booked for India.  Off mid October to Delhi and then new destinations - Varanasi, Kanha National Park - we're hoping to see more tigers, Orcha, and back to Delhi.  The maps and guide books at the ready for planning the trip.   As usual, it will be a combination of plane, train and automobile - perhaps elephant too!

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