Monday, 4 August 2008

Threads and tatters

At a workshop I took in Devon a student mentioned a Rag Market in Honiton.   Well, that needed investigating.

There is a circuit of Antique Textiles Fairs in the West County, full of vintage fabrics, French linen, old quilts, trims and buttons.  All very yummy, and expensive.   The Rag Market was set up to 'move on' old stock.

Lis and I set of early for the hour's drive and arrived at opening time - the hall was already heaving!   A veritable treasure trove and feast for the eyes.    

I was very restrained, just purchased some linen sheets for the indigo vat, and a fabulous bundle of printed Indian (yes, I know, probably have enough already, but who can resist) loose woven cotton scraps.   

A throw in the making to keep me warm in the winter, since it seems we are all going to have to cut back on the heating.  Perhaps I should start knitting long socks - missed out on a very large cone of wool - but there again, maybe not!

All sorts - bandani (spotted) Indian wrap and a peep of cowboy boots in the corner

Fabrics from France and Japan, plus American quilts

Happy shoppers

Bundles of indigo and madder fabrics from France

Linen embroidered purse

Time for lunch in the sunshine, then we hit the charity shops.    Altogether a grand day out.

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jude said...

it is a good thing i wasn't there, i'd be broke.