Friday, 1 August 2008


Sometimes you get the feeling that you have been there before.   Note comment on last post from my son William.

Bicycles - a tricky subject, and a bit of a challenge.   Casting around for ideas, looking for reference, I came across a sketch which I adapted for the JQ.    

All a bit head scratching, what layer goes first etc.   As I stitched a feeling of deja vue was getting stronger.

On finishing, I thought of William and a rather fantastic batik he made when at school.  It was pretty impressive!
Even more so now.  All those gears were a bit of a nightmare.

Well, you might have guessed that it is the same sketch that informed his piece.   Very strange, out of all the books in the house, we both chose the same one - with a few years in between.

Will's batik is in the languishing in the back of a wardrobe apparently.  When he next visits it is going to be interesting dig it out of it's hiding place and consider the two pieces side by side!

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