Tuesday, 4 November 2008


Bundi - with the amazing palace in the background.
After a somewhat hectic night on the train - I guess people were returning home after the festival, we arrived in Kota and took a car for the hour journey to Bundi. At daybreak the land was now typically Rajastani scrub, with a few fertile area where canals had been channelled from the River Chambray. Very excited to spot The Great India Bustard!
Yes, I like things besides textiles!!
Bundi is a small town, with a certain charm. Not much has changed here, and the tourist industry hasn't quite found it yet. A few organised trips, bit,I think, mainly independant tourists. We were here in February staying in the Hotel Bundi Haveli, where we returned. Great place to stay, comfortable and friendly.

Morning and evening visitors,
from the palace.

Everyday scene - men finishing off brass water carriers. Pounding with hammers to give a finish of dull spots. Oh, how I would love to bring one of these home, but they are just too heavy.
That's it for this blog. Very sticky keyboard!

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