Friday, 21 November 2008

One Journal Quilt finished

My Journal Quilt 'to do list' has decreased to five!
This one is for the Contemporary Quilt Group.
Entitled "Ragwaar" it is loosely based on 
wall paintings from Madhya Pradesh.
Great fun mono printing - a bit bold.
It is heavily free machine stitched.

Spirals - one thing I did learn when visiting the Museum at
Sarnath, the Buddha's curls go to the right.  So the way to
go when stitching the spirals on the dots were, obviously
to the right.     The Museum is really inspiring - wonderful
sculptures from the Gupta period, beautiful bronzes, and
the 3rd century Lion capital of the pillar erected by Ashoka 
at Sarnath.  Standing at 2.5m it is very impressive. 
Adopted as India's national emblem.

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Julie said...

I like your idea of a quilt journal. What a fabulous time you must have in India. It has been a wish since my teenage years to go to India gone a bit by the wayside in the last 30 plus years. You've rekindled my longing for bright coloured handcrafts, cultural richness and spirituality.