Saturday, 22 November 2008

Journal Quilt No.2

A Parcel from India

I try to be a tidy worker - you know the sort of thing,
project completed, time to find the floor and worktop
ready to start afresh.  Following this principal 
yesterday lunchtime I chanced upon the calico 
parcel wrapping.     This just had to be preserved in
the form of a Journal Quilt.

Sending a parcel home from India is never straight
forward.   First you have to find contents - not difficult.
Step 2 a tailor is required to stitch said contents in
calico wrapper. complete with sealing wax.  Step 3
a visit to the Post Office - forms upon forms to
complete, and remember to bring your own Sellotape.
Eight weeks later, on a grey English winter's day,
the postman knocks on the door with a very
grubby package full of Indian goodies.
Happy day.

Back to front quilting

Frenzied blogging and stitching!   I have lists, 
it's grey and cold outside.  Another two days
creating, and then comes the day which will
not wait any longer - doing The Books.
Hmmm.......what shall I do next?!!!!

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