Monday, 5 January 2009


Great feeling - I can now put my feet up
for a day or three.   After major tidy up!

Photos of three small framed pieces
roughly 14 x 18 cm
Spice Route I  
fabric wrapped in metal to create rust,
paper and text distressed, dyed with coffee,
painted papers, embroidered pepper corns.

Spice Route II
Scraps of silk machine embroidered.

Spice Route III
a miniature edition of The Devils Dye.

There are two long and skinny hangings, difficult to
photograph here.  I'll take photos once the 
Exhibition is up and running.

Hugh bunches of lilies for me!

A lorry from Amsterdam was delivering
flowers to a local florist.  They looked
so good - all green and fresh, ready
to burst into bud.


Carol said...

Good luck with the exhibition.We have one at Cowslip that starts on Saturday too. Start of a new year. Lets hope the credit crunch doesn't effect us too much.

Julie said...

I'm looking forward to seeing pics of the exhibition!

Judy said...

I love them all but Spice Route II is my favorite because of the beautiful colors. Good luck!!