Tuesday, 20 January 2009


Getting back into the Journal Quilt zone - here's one for January 2009.
Indian water pots, in colours hot enough to keep your hands warm!
The colours look a bit dark here.

A detail of one of the pots - the pattern on the pot reflects
simple patterning on the terracota pots from Kutch, as does
the free machine stitching on the indigo blue border.

One done, only another eleven to go.

Today is play day at a local school.   I'm going to explain to
teachers the delights of shibori/dyeing with children.
Of course, there will be a 'hands on' session for them.
I think we will have fun.


Julie - a Journal Quilt is a small quilt, made monthly - no rules, except the size.  It's a great way to 'play', try out ideas and techniques; have a go at a scribbled sketch or one of those inspirational pictures tucked away in a file.  It also give the brain a bit of a workout.

Carol - you made me laugh on a grey day.   The mind boggles.  Trust your little  feathered friends are now enjoying the less tempestuous weather.

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