Wednesday, 28 January 2009


It's just over a week before I fly out to India.

I took the first Shibori Master class on Monday
with fabulous students.  We managed to make four
 samples, stitched resist and then dyed, with the option
of a couple more samples for homework. It's amazing
 what you can achieve in two hours!  

Now with workshops out of the way, I am getting to grips
with paperwork and organizing workshops for the summer;
making a start on the February Journal Quilt in spare 
moments - and, I guess, I should do a 
little in depth housecleaning! 

This is the cover I made for my Indian Journal last trip,
complete with travel 'stains'.  I think it will make another
journey, probably building up quite a 'patina' before I return.
The design is loosely 'Indian' and the cord is wrapped,
with a tassel and buttons,  and incredibly still in once piece.

1 comment:

jude said...

i love the wrapped cord. i used to do this a lot to the fringe on my weaving. perhaps it would be a cool deatil on a quilts edge.