Sunday, 1 February 2009

A good start to the month

This might seem a bit early to post my February Journal
Quilt (!)  On the other hand, I can tick this particular box.


Following on from Pots, this little quilt comprises
hand dyed fabric and threads, plus printing.

If you are interested, intrigued or fancy making a
Journal Quilt, do have a look at Little Gem Quilts
(on my Links).    The Contemporary Quilt Group are
asking for donations of A4 Quilts to raise money
for the Quilt Museum and Gallery in York.
Everyone is invited to take part - you do not have
to be a member of the Quilters' Guild.
I will say no more - take a look.   Lots of information,
Gallery of 2007 Journal Quilts to look at and admire,
plus quilts already donated.

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