Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Little Rann of Kutch

Opps, back to the Kooba again- this should have been our delicious bedroom!
Although camp beds, the mattress was stuffed with cotton, and the quilt
the same. It was so warm and comfy, just like a nest.

So why the Rann of Kutch? Well, it is a vast area, flooded during the monsoon, but now dry.

The home of the Wild Ass, actually they are rather beautiful, and very shy. Also salt pans

cover much of the Rann- about 70% of all salt produced comes from Gujarat. Flamingos,

more avocets than you can count, and the lesser Crane on migration from Siberia. Quite

large birds, who scratch in the dry scrub for seeds - the juicy inside is about the size

of a peppercorn, which doesn't seem much to sustain them.

The salt is dryed and gathered from the pans, and rather
like a 'black' ballet men pile the salt up, which is loaded
into the women's pans. They walk purposely to the salt
pile and throw. Then the dance begins again. Awful work,
and, of course, no health and safety. The women wear
gloves and socks, but I would think not too much protection.
Even driving through the Rann you are concious of the salt
in the air, drying lips and skin.

Salt pans

There is a really weird effect when travelling - you could swear

in the distance there is water, with many small boats. Mirage -

as you near it is the shacks of the workers.

Salt being loaded on to lorry

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