Monday, 9 February 2009

It's the wedding season again
with no brakes

We here - Aly passed her first
test getting from the airport
to the hotel in Mumbai.

We headed out to Udaipur

on the early flight, arriving in
time for breakfast. Then we
hit the town. A little shopping
opportunity at the tailors,
followed by a general wander
to acclimatise. Usual mayhem

of rickshaws, cows, and elephants.
That's all for now. Time for
lunch, and recover from the
buying an Indian sim card
for mobile, and now getting to
grips with the internet cafe
- here's a word from Aly

My first evening in Udaipur with Tig. How perfect! Dinner on the rooftop of the hotel overlooking Lake Pichola, being entertained by a wonderful outdoor concert which was happening across the lake, delicious food, a balmy moonlit night ending with a fireworks display and this is just for starters..........! My first experience in India ....not bad!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Mum, You look very chilled and very happy. Wishing I was there with you. Love you loads Love Hx
Big kisses from the boys XXXXXXX

Carol said...

Oh it looks so warm! It is raining here with the promise of more snow tonight. Do you know where to get Sari waste out there. If you see any could you sneak some in your suitcase for me if you have room.keep blogging when you can