Monday, 23 February 2009

Home Again

Back in the UK - not quite the heat and blue skies of India.   Nevertheless, a quiet awakening to the day with the dawn chorus of garden birds, instead of the racket of India crows.   Daffodils in tight bud, snowdrops, primroses, violets and crocus in flower.   

Things we take for granted - hot water and power shower.  Bucket and jug the preferred choice in India - water temperature variable.  We had a period of four days with only tepid water to wash with. When hot water was available, it was so good.

Taj Hotel  Mumbai

Aly and I decided on our trip to India just a few days before the terrorist attack in the Colaba district of Mumbai. Many friends were concerned given the situation.  I know the area very well and, like the whole world, was shocked and saddened to see the events unfold.

Our hotel is just down the road from The Taj, and it was wonderful to see that the building is restored (on the outside only?)  to it's former glory.  Colaba is as mad and bustling as ever - life goes on.

Since it was difficult to keep the blog up to date (well if you stay in a kooba hut and travel to the wild west of Gujarat, what do you expect?)   I will be posting over the next few days on visits to Dr. Ishmail/ashrak printing, Alimohammed/ bhandani and natural dyeing, and more.  

Like hot water, and many other things we take for granted, how easy is it just to turn on the computer and it all works?!!!   

Thanks for all the comments.  Carol - if I knew where I could get sari waste I would bring back loads.   I think it originates from Nepal.  Haven't seen any in Delhi or Mumbai - although there is probably a back street in Old Delhi and a godown full of the stuff!

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