Friday, 20 February 2009

last leg

We are on the last leg of our journey.  Arrived in Mumbai
late this afternoon.   The hotel originally planned to stay
in was, to say the least, filthy.  So we are the Sea
Palace Hotel, in the same road, facing the sea, as the
Taj Hotel so much in the news in November.  It looks
fine from this end, will investigate further tomorrow.

Oh luxury - wifi, Applemac, soft beds and pillows, a 
shower that works, no more jug and bucket.   As I write
we are being entertained by a 'native band' outside.
After posting, we will hit the town - take a walk around
Colaba, then a cold beer, supper and bed.

I have so many things to post, but it has been difficult
in the extreme.  Expect lots of stories over the coming
week when I am home!

In the meantime, the boats I promised on the last blog.

Throughout the Little Rann of Kutch there are islands
in the barren landscape.  Imagine the surprise when
we can across these boats.   During the monsoon the
Rann in flooded, and the whole place becomes a
fishing ground for prawns!  Quite bizarre.

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Carol said...

I am away this weekend but look forward to catching up with your travels when I get back.