Tuesday, 24 February 2009


North of Bhuj there are many villages, each specialising in a particular craft. It's a grand day out - travelling from Bhuj to the most northern villages, almost as far the Rann of Kutch and the Parkistan border.

Zura is famous for it's lac work, with the additional bonus
of rather 'interesting' dolls made by the children.

Bell making in Nirona.   The bells are used by shepherds and cowherds to locate their herds.   Made from waste iron sheets, the pattern is marked out and converted into a bells with beating and punching and shaping.   The handle is fixed then the bell shape is covered in mud water and sprinkled with small bits of brass and copper. A mold is made with clay to cover the bell, which is then placed in a charcoal fire. The temperature is increased to fuse the metal.  
On breaking open the mold the bell is no longer iron, but has a wonderful metallic patina.     The bell is beaten on the
edge with a hammer to obtain the desired sound - finally the tongue made of wood is fixed from the inside.   The bells go from huge to tiny.

Meanwhile there is always the washing to do.

The painted bhungos of Ludia are worth a visit

Interior wall decoration - the dark pieces are mirrors

The potter at Khavda - hand turned terracotta water pots, 
dishes, bells and chai cups

Decorating dishes


jude said...

gosh, all these pictures are great!

Tiggy Rawling said...

And there's more!

amandajane said...

We've got one of those bells on our verandah, I wondered where it came from!