Saturday, 21 February 2009


getting ready to leave early tomorrow morning.  We had
the most fantastic time, and it was great being together
for a whole two weeks.  So, here's some pictures of 
places and people we met on the way,

Aly and our car, with her precious case on top.
The stopover at the border of Rajasthan and
Gujarat.   The case made the journey safely, but
will never be the same colour again.

Aly and Ranju (as featured in Michael Palin's Around the World
in 20 years).   Ranju is a lovely lady, with a gorgeous textile
shop in Bhuj.   I've known her for nine years, and it is always
a joy to meet up again, especially when invited to supper at
her home for fabulous curries.

Students we meet in Bhuj - they wanted our autographs - how did they 
know we were famous?!!  They are studying IT so promised I would
add picture in blog.  Hi there.  The white person is me!

A weaver from Bhujodi relaxing on the veranda.  The mud jar
behind him is incrusted with raised mud work and mirrors

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amandajane said...

These are lovely photos Tig, glad you had a great time with Aly - look forward to hearing all about it when you're back!
Lots of love, Amanda xxx